Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've started!

It's official! I've started my mission papers.  I met with my bishop and got an account on lds.org and have started filling them out.  I've also been to the dentist and heard the bad news that I do have wisdom teeth that will need to be removed before I go...sad day :(  When my little sister got hers out she was depressed and loopy for days, not really looking forward to that.  I've also been to the doctor and had my blood drawn, and all that fun stuff, and it has been determined that I am perfectly healthy and can go anywhere in the world that the Lord would have me serve!  That was definitely a relief to hear.  I've had some health issues in my life, and it was very reassuring to know that I've been able to work through everything and will be able to serve wherever the Lord needs me.  Oh, and another fun fact, I have O- blood, universal donor!  I should probably start donating blood, but my fear of needles just might prevent me from doing so...anyway just thought I'de share the good news.  I can't submit my papers until the beginning of May, so I've still got some time to wrap up my loose ends.